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Help with stomache ulsers please? - Nutritional Healing
Help with stomache ulsers please?
Hi, my name is Annette and I've just joined the community to learn more about how to help my partner with his health problems. It's not official yet but he seems to have all the signs of a stomache ulser or problem with his pancreas. It's been making him violently ill over the last few weeks and making him miss work. He's just had blood taken for tests and he'll be getting an ultrasound done on Thursday.

We both suffer from stress-induced problems with our digestive systems and we have been under a lot of stress since our son was born in 2003. DH* has serious problems with his lungs because he's one of those tall thin men whose lungs tend to collapse pretty easily. He also has asthma and he smokes. Yes, we both know it's bad and all our friends give him a hard time about it too. He's been trying to give up but he doesn't know how to destress without the beer and ciggies.

Unfortunately we've both been indulging some very unhealthy diets. We've been drinking too much Coke and coffee and eating too much fatty and sugary food. I have been very aware of it but we've been lacking the time and energy to devote to sensible activities like home cooking.

I thought DH was depressed for a long time (and that may still be true to an extent) but now the doctor says that the ulser has made it almost impossible to get any REM when he sleeps. This is causing him to sleepwalk and sleep with his eyes open and a bunch of other strange behaviour. He's also suffered from insomnia and really whacky sleep patterns since childhood.

I don't know much about ulsers but I can't help but wonder if he hasn't been absorbing his food properly either and that's been contributing to his general low level of energy.

So I see it that he's low on energy so he drinks more coffee, smokes and drinks alcohol, which makes him sick, then he misses work because he's sick and gets stressed about money so he drinks more coffee, smokes etc and so it goes round and round in a snowballing effect until we find ourselves in a situation that requires him to give up all of his props all at once.

It will be hell.

To tell you the truth though, I'm glad the crisis has finally come and it's not as bad as I feared it might be. Trying to avert a crisis that I knew was coming but couldn't quite define was driving me crazy. The longer I had to endure the anticipation the larger my fears grew.

OK, so I've rambled a bit I think so back to the point. I'm in the information gathering stage at the moment so I'm hoping for some pointers to information on how to deal with these sorts of problems and perhaps some gentler replacements for ciggies, beer and coffee to make the withdrawl period easier.
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