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This is crosslisted in a bunch of communities you'll probably… - Nutritional Healing
This is crosslisted in a bunch of communities you'll probably understand why as you read on. I need all the help I can get, and I'll apologize in advance for my overall ignorance concerning the medical field.

I graduated a year and a half ago and recieved a BA in English Lit and Spanish Lit. I haven't taken a math or science course in 4 years, and needless to say I'm a novice to all aspects of the medical/science community. So of course I would decide now that the career I want to persue is within the medical field. And let me tell you, I love it when people say, "You haven't even taken General Bio?!" No I took Astronomy *hits head* Anyway, I'm just not sure what career and degree would be best in allowing me the opportunity to accomplish what I would like to accomplish. So I'll give you guys an idea of my interests in the hopes that you can help clarify the hodgepdodge I'm dealing with.

First and foremost and I would like to work with diabetics. As I'm certain you all know diabetes that is not controlled can lead to further complications. But I don't think it's enough to just tell people "If you don't do X and Y, than Z is going to happen." There's more of a psychological element to it. There are reasons that people don't do everything they could possibly do to care for themselves such as eating properly, montoring glucose levels, etc. I want to offer aide in confronting overcoming those obsticles as a means of preventing further health complications. Furthermore, alimentation and ones relationship with food obviously has a direct relation to controlling ones diabetes. And I'd like to help incorporate healthy and practical eating into one's lifestyle.

So that's a general thesis of what I'd like to do--albiet slightly enigmatic. What do I do with this idea? Would the best application be Nutritional Councilling, Dietetics, (the whole assortment of ADA approved/not approved programs in and of itself is confusing and dizzying) Nursing, Psychology? I dunno? And from my research it seems that could get certified as a diabetes educator after completing a Nursing degree and other medical related programs. Also, although I'm well aware that I do have quite a bit of schooling to complete I don't necessarily want to be in school interminably and I'd like a degree that's marketable...not to mention that I need good health insurance.

My personal reasons for wanting to do this... Well I'm a type 1 diabetic. I'm in good control but that's not to say that during adolescence I didn't have my ups and downs. My friends experiences more than my own led me to wanting to work with diabetics. Seeing them come from endocrinologist appoinments feeling more depressed and hopeless than optomistic and in controll of their health caused me to feel like I could contribute something positive. Too bad I didn't realize that a few years back.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance :o)

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bobbiejo From: bobbiejo Date: May 14th, 2006 02:02 am (UTC) (Link)
As the mother of a type 1 diabetic, I hear what you are saying. It seems at the endocrinologist appointments that they look at the numbers, say good job and send us on our way. I have done lots of research myself on nutrition and the holistic approach to self care. We eat much better now and over all he is feeling very well. I don't believe that type ones can just eat whatever they want and dose for it. Yes, you may be counter acting the sugar but not the over all effect on health. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you pursue. I personally want to get a degree in nutrition but unfortunately in a small town in the midwest there is absolutely no need to one and we are not going to move. GOOD LUCK!
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