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My eyes - Help w/Natural Healing and/or Prevention - Nutritional Healing
My eyes - Help w/Natural Healing and/or Prevention
I will give my most recent concern first:

I am having Visudyne therapy this coming Wednesday. It is a laser therapy treatment to help cauterize some bleeding in my eye. This type of bleeding is common in elderly people, and some diabetics as well.

I am neither. I am 29 years old, and my only ongoing health problem is a rare retinal disease that has had several flare-ups since it's first appearance 10 years ago. M.E.W.D.S. is what it's called, and it stands for Multiple Evanescent White Dot Syndrome. It's very rare, and little is known about the disease.

This recent bleeding I'm told has nothing to do with the mewds, but I'm feeling very frustrated & powerless, since my eyes, and my eyesight have already been quite compromised by one disease already.

The pamphlet I have is for wet amd (age-related macular degeneration), and this Visudyne treatment.

My first thought is, what is causing the bleeding? So much of our medicine treats only the symptoms, but not the cause... I don't want to ignore the cause by assuming that this procedure will take care of things.

I'm looking for help and advice from anyone out there who knows about age-related macular degeneration, or about the eyes in general.

I want to know what I can be doing to be as proactive as I can possibly be about this, and not lose my vision in the long-term.

I found some information online about AMD and that smoking & high fat diets can worsen or speed up the effects. I quit smoking more than 3 years ago, and though I don't have a high fat diet, I am 210% ready to make whatever dietary changes are necessary to stop this, or even just to slow it down. To reverse it would be a miracle.

Please, don't be shy to respond. Or if you think you know someone who may be able to help me, please pass this on to them.

My personal e-mail is mmastracci@gmail.com

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