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Introducing Myself =) - Nutritional Healing
Introducing Myself =)
Hello Everyone =)

My name's Matt. I'll just give a brief bio about myself: I'm a fourth year student at the University at Buffalo (Studying Communication Informatics with a second focus in Semitic Languages and Translation); I am also a CPhT, though I have no desire to become a pharmacist - I only got the certification so I could get a decent job and pay some of my bills while in school.

I was 'turned on' so to speak, to Nutritional Healing by my Hebrew Professor (who is also a certified yoga instructor) who noticed that while I kept going to doctors, I kept getting sicker...she took a risk, and took me asside and since then I have been feeling much better; I'm still in the beggining stages of changing my diet and way of life but every little bit helps, aye =)

Anyways, I'm so glad I found this journal and I can't wait to get to know you all =)



Current Mood: awake

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